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 a motorcycle that few remember but that in the 1970s performed honourably alongside the range of Scrambler models offered 

The Ducati R/T (Road and Track), cousin of the Scrambler, was developed for the American market and was initially intended for motocross. Later it was also used as a regular bike.

It had a short racing life, in 1971 participating in the six-day Isle of Man competition. It was a rough, austere and essential motorcycle with a line that perfectly reflected the Anvil style thanks to a front end opening that was just right for the sweeping American deserts.

These last keywords - rough, austere, essential, American style - caught the attention of the two customisers from Emilia who embarked on this adventure using as a base the Scrambler Sixty2 400cc, keeping the engine and part of the front frame and remodelling the rest.

"We wanted to pay tribute to this brilliant glory of Ducati, reinterpreting it in a modern key, as if modern motocross had taken a hard turn somewhere, bringing back certain stylistic quirks from the 1970s."

Starting from the front, the original alloy rims were replaced with two 21" and 19" modern motocross spoke rims, adapted to two shortened Kayaba forks to give the right proportions to the bike's silhouette.

The tank reflects the original shape of the 1970s model, modified to perfectly fit the modern frame.

The handlebar recall the classic shapes of those used in the competitions held in the California deserts, and the whole standard braking system was replaced with a Brembo floating calliper and 250 mm front disc on the front and a fixed 220 mm disc on the back.

The seat was designed and built along the lines of the original model, using cowhide to give the bike a "1970s American Stuntman" style.

The rear wheel is housed in a new swinging arm redone in a manner that is more classic than the original, to which are attached two twin-tube shock absorbers specifically designed for this bike.

The bike is numbered 53. Do you want to know why?

"That's how many days we took to customise it!"

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sau độ xe z1000

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